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St. Gallische Naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft (NWG)

Logo von St. Gallische Naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft
The Saint-Gall Society of Natural Sciences (St.Gallische Naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft (NWG)) is very solicitous to bring the knowledge of natural sciences and of newest research results closer to its members and the general public, as well as to promote the conservation of nature.
To do so, the NWG offers a program of lectures related to physics, chemistry, geology, biology and applied natural sciences throughout the year. Well-known speakers present current projects and recent results.

During the summer semester, half-a-day or one-day excursions are taking place. In addition to two-day excursions, a trip abroad of one or two weeks is organised for the NWG members every couple of years.

Every two or three years, the NWG publishes a set of articles about natural sciences’ topics, which are principally linked to Eastern Switzerland.

The NWG promotes research works devoted to the study and the protection of the nature of the canton of Saint-Gall, and collaborates with associations whose aims are similar. Thanks to the NWG, that owns the natural reservation around Wenigerweier since 2002, this site previously used for industry became an attractive local recreation area.

Year founded: 1819
Number of members: 546 (2017)
St. Gallische Naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft (NWG) is a member of SCNAT, Platform Science and Regions (Platform NWR)


St. Gallische Naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft (NWG)
c/o Dr. Toni Bürgin
Naturmuseum St. Gallen
Rorschacher Strasse 263
9016 St. Gallen