La Murithienne, the Valais Society of Natural Sciences, is an association dedicated to natural sciences. The society aims to study and to develop the natural sciences, principally in Valais.

To do so, the society organises diverse activities such as excursions (botanical, entomological, geological, etc.), conferences, symposia as well as summer camps for the youth in partnership with ProNatura. Further, the society publishes an annual report with research work or observations made in Valais. This report also informs about the activities of the society, which in addition can be found on the website. The society publishes or participates in the publication of diverse works on the theme of Valais natural sciences. In addition, the society takes part in diverse scientific works and in the management of a library on the thematic of natural sciences.

Year founded: 1861
Number of members: 670 (2017)
Société valaisanne des sciences naturelles (La Murithienne) is a member of SCNAT, Platform Science and Regions (Platform NWR)